Memories of a Dimanagul

B.O.S.S. — Rage of the Cursed, Part 6

B.O.S.S. — Rage of the Cursed, Part 6

Xallion in his WoW incarnation.

In case you haven’t noticed, Xallion doesn’t look like this in RoC.   I just love this picture  of my Orc Warrior in World of Warcraft that shares his name. 

New character, new party member?  You decide.  This one I introduce the smith at the Happy Happy Blacksmith.

Rage of the Cursed, Part 5 — The Smith

The city of Terragrecio thrived like a living being.   Merchants called to passerbys,…

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Musing: Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Musing: Fantasy and Sci-Fi


I’m not sure more awesome can fit in one place. Artist: GREG CAPULLO

For the longest time, I assumed the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy was simple.   Sci-Fi has spaceships.   Fantasy had dragons.  While this has the potential to be true, it’s more about what those two things mean.

As I get more experience with writing, I realize the most important difference between the two genres…

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B.O.S.S. — Rage of the Cursed, Part 4

B.O.S.S. — Rage of the Cursed, Part 4

Xallion in his WoW incarnation.

The more things change.

Sorry for the delay, editing took longer than usual this week, but here’s a new RoC!   But Xallion is alone now.   What happened to his band of companions?

Rage of the Cursed, Part 5 — The Thief

Five years later.

Xallion sniffed at the forest air, taking in the musky odor of the common dread boar.  Mating season.

He shouldered his bow and pushed on, finding his center…

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Musing: The Rabid ‘Fan’.

Musing: The Rabid ‘Fan’.

I’ve never considered myself a hard to please person.   I stay reasonable and open minded when I consider things close to my heart.   However there is a simple line that must be drawn, a minimum requirement to taking on a project that is not your own: Respect.


You’re not kidding anybody.

Consider for a moment, all reboots/remakes are effectively ‘Fan Fictions’.  The message is clear:


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B.O.S.S. — The Macro Corp.

B.O.S.S. — The Macro Corp.

Macro Corp Cover

Superheroes and Voodoo what a winning hand.

As some of you may know, I wrote in NaNoWriMo last year.   I got a chance to clean up the manuscript and I’ve posted it in full at   I plan to write again this year and I’ll be doing an entire novel following Russel Belkin, A.K.A. Micron, this November.  So in order to get people excited for Macro Corp: A MATTER OF TIME, here’s chapter 1…

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Musing: I hate this!

Musing: I hate this!


Not recommended for computer desks.

Typically I don’t really have issues with disliking my written work.  Last week I worked on a chapter of Kingless Country, looked it over and realized:   I hated it with a passion.   I couldn’t be any happier.

These days I feel better when I dislike a chapter.   It tells me I’ve identified something in in I don’t like.   On the flip side if I write something…

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B.O.S.S. — Roman, Part 8

B.O.S.S. — Roman, Part 8

More Roman, my contemporary romance.  One and Two and Three and Four and Five and Six and Seven are here.  There’s some strong language in this, mostly potty mouth stuff, but by now people should expect a pg-13 vibe on MoD — Enjoy

beatstothe core

A Manager’s Responsibility

Roman, Part 8

A year ago if you had asked me if I’d ever think I’d be a band manager,  I’d tell you to stop smoking.   Having it laid out…

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Musing: Guardians of the Movie Industry

Musing: Guardians of the Movie Industry


The Galaxy might be safe, but your trash can is fucked.

I thought this sort of movie went extinct in the 80s.   You know the type, the movies that made you cheer at the screen.   I’m talking about movies like “Willow” or “Indiana Jones”.

I went into Guardians of the Galaxy with high hopes, a little higher than my usual cautious optimism.  The characters were completely foreign to me outside of…

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B.O.S.S. — Ambrosia, Part 20

B.O.S.S. — Ambrosia, Part 20


The Ambrosia herself.

Yay, explosions!  I’m going to see the Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend so I figure I’d celebrate with some action.  Hope you enjoy Nell Draadich and Brando Blaugrunder’s magician’s duel.   It’s a Sage vs. Wizard showdown.

Part 20 – Showdown

The chill of cool air nibbled at Nell’s arms.   Moisture swirled around her, peppered with flecks of snow.   This isn’t good.


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Musing: Cautiously Optimistic vs. Inevitable Dread.

Musing: Cautiously Optimistic vs. Inevitable Dread.



Worst. Article. Ever.

Everyone has movies or books they go into loaded with hype.  There are also movies I expect I will hate unconditionally.  I avoid those to keep from turning into the Comic Book guy on the Simpsons.  I’m not talking about movies like that in this post.  Instead I’ll talk about the movies I sit on the fence wondering which way it will go.  Will it tumble into the abyss of…

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